The Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

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Call for Editors: Spring 2023


Priority Deadline: February 1st, 11:59 PM PT

General Deadline: February 12th, 11: 59 PM PT


We are pleased to announce that the Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal is recruiting new editors for Spring 2023! 

CLUJ editors critically analyze research papers that deal with different aspects of literature, such as translation theories, literary theory, cultural criticism, historical analysis, philosophy, religion, and comparative approaches. In addition, editors learn how to analyze formal elements of academic writing, such as structure, clarity, consistency, argument development, formatting, tone, register, and grammar. As an editor, you can expect to gain experience in editing academic pieces and improve your writing skills. Previous experience or knowledge of multiple languages is not required. We value the willingness to learn and active participation!

We have a limited amount of openings and will prioritize applications received early. Those who submit their applications before the Priority Deadline of February 1st can enroll in COMLIT 198 to receive units for their work. Your application is not complete until we have received your writing sample. 

Do not hesitate to email with any questions.