The Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

A Premier Humanities Research Journal at the University of California, Berkeley

Vol 3(2): Spring 2013 Issue


Katherine Parker is a recent graduate of Wellesley College where she studied comparative literature, with a focus in French and English literature. She is currently living in New York City teaching English literature.

Charlotte Greenbaum is a French and Human Biology major concentrating in global women’s health. She serves as an editor for the Investigation Section of the Stanford Journal of Public Health and Co-director of Stanford’s Challah for Hunger, a group that bakes and sells over 100 loaves of challah weekly to raise money for humanitarian relief organizations. Last winter, Charlotte interned at John Snow Research & Training, Inc. on a project on reproductive health in refugee communities. This experience has led Charlotte to write a senior honors thesis examining immigrant health policy in Europe.

Faye Mankowske is pursing majors in Biology and English at the University of San Diego. Her interests include film theory, visual culture, and the intersections between science and literature.

Andrew Karim is a third-year undergraduate in the Duke Program in Literature, also pursuing a second major in cultural anthropology and a certificate in Marxism and Society. His work focuses on the intersections of Marxism and subjectivity.