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Vancouver Echoes

 Callie Hitchcock


A man comes up to me at a nightclub in Gastown and says, 

“I’m too sensitive for this place, I can’t handle the rejection,”

and wanders back into the warm darkness.


At Georgia and Granville a homeless man sits next to the Skytrain.

Waves of pigeons whirl softly around him

as he holds a loaf of bread.


Sitting on the 49 the back of the seat says,

“I don’t love you anymore.” Through the window I see

the forest huddled together in the rain.


Two girls sit against a log on Jericho beach,

the sun a golden medallion of the day,

the yellow center of a blue flower.

“I really trust the people doing the film, and besides,

I just don’t believe God would put me in a bad situation.”

“Oh Lola, every time I see you it’s like we never parted.”

                                                                                                                               Callie Hitchcock is an undergraduate at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada.