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Travel Section Staff

11891197_1057743480912009_8878276663081102103_nYeshe Salz is a 2nd year Comparative Literature major currently serving as the Travel Section’s Editor in Chief. She caught the travel bug en utero and subsequent adventures to India, Nepal, Guatemala, Paraguay, all across Europe and North America and frequent trips to her family’s ranch in Mexico have profoundly shaped her identity over time. When not exploring jungles or wandering down cobble-stoned streets, Yeshe can be found reading in bookstores, scribbling on the backs of pieces of paper, practicing yoga or backpacking/road tripping through the many natural wonderlands of California.

unnamedAliza McHugh is a 2nd year intended Society and Environment major from Santa Monica, CA. Despite living in an idyllic location for travelers, she spends a good bit of her time perusing travel sites, magazines, and books to plan her next adventure, believing the best anecdote to lack of travel is to read about it. She has spent many summers of her life in Sag Harbor, LI, Texas or Florida and has studied in Costa Rica and Israel. Aliza enjoys exploring Berkeley and San Francisco, running the fire trails and attending as many concerts and music festivals as humanly possible.


Lizya is a 4th year English major with an appetite for good coffee and touching upon unexplored territories. She moved from her home in South Africa and was first introduced to the simultaneously salty and smoggy air of Southern California at the age of nine. Lizya thinks she may have been a mermaid in a different life. While she is living this one however, she will settle for loving as many people as possible and diving into as many bodies of salt water and cups of black coffee as she can!