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Globes, by JarveMc

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The Comparative Literature Travel Section is a non-CLUJ affiliated publication run by current undergraduates in the Comparative Literature department, featuring non-academic essays on all aspects of life abroad. Please contact current Editor-in-Chief, Yeshe Salz, for any inquiries regarding the Travel Section.

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A Quiet Type of Pilgrimage by Alexis Wolf

In Moscow God Moves in Mysterious Ways by J.W.D. Lewin

Going to God by Emerson Richards

Baring All for Berlin by Lindsay Walter

[Body] Language by Maggie Palmer

Bordeaux Comic by Kelsey Westphal

Homeland by Indiana Seresin

How to Stay by Virginia Marshall

 Issue 1, Fall 2012

 Issue 2, Spring 2013

 Issue 3, Fall 2013 

 Issue 4, Spring 2015

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