The Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

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Issue 2, Spring 2013

Selecting pieces best fit for the CLUJ Travel Section is always challenging. This semester, we had our work cut out for us. In the end, we chose those pieces that we thought were most creative, engaging, and of the most unique mindset. Our authors regale stories of wandering in Kyoto, driving along Lake Michigan, and experiencing Finland as a Swedish-speaking Finn. Travel writing is not just about conveying character of place — it requires an observational mindset and an openness to new experiences. Likewise, it is always challenging to write in this genre, as it falls somewhere between the creative and autobiographical. Each author published in this issue has been wholly successful in presenting his or her own distinctive voice and unique perspective on travel. We hope you enjoy!

Driving Lessons by Alexandra Becker

Biography of My Ghost Boyfriend by Lauren Bryant

Romance in Tuscany by Laken Hottle

You Keep Me Coming Back by Sharia Mayfield

Santiago Sardines by Anika Rice

Alone in Kyoto by Morgane Santos

Homeland by Indiana Seresin

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