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Issue 1, Fall 2012







In putting together the first issue of the UC Berkeley CLUJ Travel Section, our editors read lots of unique and imaginative pieces of travel writing from all over the world — this issue represents a distillation of the most remarkable stories we could find. Our collection this semester includes a poem about San Francisco, a fictional letter to the architect of a beautiful castle, and portraits of friendship, alienation, culture clash, and beauty from Brazil to Mongolia. We hope you enjoy reading these travel pieces as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Notes from the Periphery by Cleo Margaret Abramian

Exploring the Eternal City by Laura Aitken-Burt

Le Vrai Paris by K. S. Anthony

Coffee and Community by Hillary Bush

Following the Yellow Brick Road by Jennifer Carter

Comme Une Vache! by Yeseung Jang

Together in Paris by Ellen Kim

Hitched Rides and Bullet Trains: The World that I Traveled in One Summer by Lisa Levin

Mongolia: A Desert Bloom by Jenna Jacobson

In Moscow God Moves in Mysterious Ways by J.W.D. Lewin

Reflections Over Wastelands by Caleigh McEachern

The Road Seldom Taken to Verona by Lena Naassana

A Letter to Wicklow by Emma Pell

Sweaty Feet by Michael Rothbaum

Baring All for Berlin by Lindsay Walter

How to Talk French (to Dogs) by Alexander Woolley

A Quiet Type of Pilgrimage by Alexis Wolf

Going to God by Emerson Richards

[Body] Language by Maggie Palmer

Bordeaux Comic by Kelsey Westphal

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