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Author Biographies

Austin Sarfan graduated in 2015 from the University of Chicago, majoring in Philosophy and Fundamentals: Issues & Texts. His work focused primarily on phenomenology, Michel Foucault, and the history of spiritual and religious practices. Austin will be entering into Duke’s Literature PhD program in Fall 2016 in order to complete a project on the role of estrangement in the history of modern ethics, particularly in 20th century French and American literature and philosophy.

Shawn Flickner is a graduating senior at Georgia Gwinnett College and will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  Academically, he is interested in modern American fiction, but especially zombie literature as a method of critiquing western social structures.  He has produced works examining the removal of social hierarchies in zombie texts, and the role of the zombie in producing comedy and satire. After graduation, he will begin work teaching high school, and intends to continue researching the horror genre in his graduate studies.

Rachel Frommer graduated from Lander College for Women with a B.A. Honors in English literature and hopes to pursue a career in academia. Her interest lies primarily in the confluence of religion, politics, and the literary in the early modern period. After focusing on this relationship throughout her time as an undergraduate, Rachel plans to continue studying the religio-political-literary paradigm in graduate school. Today, she serves as a research fellow at the Tikvah Fund, studying issues concerning the state of modern international Jewry.

Doron Darnov is a rising junior at Rutgers University, where he studies Comparative Literature, English, and French. While Doron’s primary research interests include visuality, simulation, and the history of visual technologies, he is also interested in existentialism, phenomenology, and posthumanism. In the time that Doron should be spending on homework, he prefers to have discussions with his friends on the mystical nature of dogs.