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Author Biographies

Hannah Froehle is a 2013 graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Economics, International Studies, and German Language and Literature. As is clear from her Bachelor’s thesis, Hannah’s academic interests are broad and interdisciplinary –including political science, literature and philosophy. Hannah is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, teaching English and studying Swedish

Michaela Telfer recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with double majors in English and Russian Language & Culture, and a minor in Anthropology. The main focus of her work is the cross-cultural discussion of human rights in nineteenth-century European and Slavic literature

Jenny Mira Augustin is currently studying Romance languages and literatures at Cologne University in Germany. Her focus lies on Latin American literature and Gender Studies.

Patience Haggin is a senior studying Comparative Literature at Princeton University, with certificates in translation and linguistics. Her thesis is a translation and study of Tommaso Landolfi’s 1939 novel La pietra lunare.

Maria Lomaka is a recent graduate of Columbia University where she majored in History and Hispanic Studies.  She is currently working as a private investigator in New York City.