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Author Biographies

Verónica Copello is a first-year student of Literary and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. She was born in Colombia and moved to the Netherlands to pursue her studies. Her research interests include ethics, translation, and the issue of representation between texts and the world, particularly within comparative studies. Verónica has interned for a literary magazine in Bogotá, known for its “paradoxical readings” as it engages with cultural phenomena. She is an enthusiast for contemporary Latin American literature and hopes to engage in further research pertaining to this field.

Sydney To is from San Jose, California. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 2019, majoring in English and Philosophy. He is currently teaching English in Biên Hòa, Vietnam on a Fulbright fellowship, and hopes to study Asian American and transpacific Vietnamese literature in graduate school. He is the co-founder of The Foundationalist, an international literature journal which publishes undergraduate writing.

Pranati Parikh is a third-year undergraduate at Harvard University studying Religion and Comparative Literature. She is interested in and currently exploring religious literatures on identity and belonging, and how practices and processes of reading inform religious experience. At Harvard, Pranati is also involved with Dharma, a Hindu students’ organization, the Interfaith Forum, and choral and classical music ensembles. She is also passionate about creative writing in several genres, photography, ice cream, being outdoors, and asking life’s big questions. Inspired by her family and professors, Pranati hopes to study religion at the doctoral level and teach in some literary discipline of the humanities in the future.