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UCB Comparative Literature Undergraduate Research Symposium

UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate
Research Symposium


CLUJ supports undergraduate research! Started in 2011, CLUJ partners with the UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Association to put on UC Berkeley’s annual Comparative Literature Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Symposium is held every year during the Spring, but we welcome anyone who is interested in joining the planning committee to send an email to or The planning committee will be finalized and begin meeting in November 2015.

Are you interested in presenting your research? Stay tuned! We will have a Proposal Request form available soon.

We are also still searching for department associations, publications, and other organizations to partner with us! If you want to be involved with the planning or host your own session, please contact us directly at

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UCB Comparative Literature Undergraduate Association:

Have suggestions? Comments? Want to be involved in the planning? Let us know at

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