By Madison Killen

For the Southside resident, cafes abound on College Avenue. If you are like me, Saturdays are best spent in a public place from 9-5 where the presence of other working people fosters a few hours of productivity. Eight hours of confinement provides for a guilt free evening of debauchery. It doesn’t hurt to enjoy the atmosphere during the hours of imprisonment.

Sacks beckons the passerby with her massive windows, allowing glimpses of the head-phoned workers typing away inside. She is a warm and familiar sweater; the burlap sacks lining the windows soften the atmosphere, and the smell of toasting bagels tames those who want to call it a day early. To the Sacks novice, the most desirable seats are the window seats where the sacks sit. This is ideal for people watchers, but after a while, the lack of back support becomes unbearable. I recommend opting for a chair. On that note, if you lack a booty,—as I do—bring something soft to sit on. The wooden chairs aren’t too inviting.

The wireless availability is free for an unlimited amount of time. This makes Facebook breaks frequent. For the disciplined mind, the best alternative to a Facebook break is falling into a musing trance while staring out the expansive windows. On days when it is too painful to neglect beautiful weather outside for a 10 page paper, Sacks offers a nice compromise.

There are two invaluable pieces of advice that I can give to a newcomer to the area wanting to establish himself at Sacks. On the weekends, get there before 10 am. Besides that, eat the tomato/sprouts bagel. It’s the highlight of my week.